Thanks to significant advances in medical technology, average lifespans are increasing as are the need for long term acute care facilities for those who are on an extended path to recovery. The CHRISTUS Health Care System of hospitals saw an opportunity to consolidate their Long Term Acute Care (LTAC) facilities into one subsidiary now called CHRISTUS Dubuis Health Care System. At the same time, the Internet-savvy of the population as a whole is also increasing and the ability to clearly proclaim CHRISTUS Dubuis's mission and purpose was being held back by an out-of-date website design.

As a result of their reputation for providing solid IT services in the past and their ability to provide programming solutions, Houston Computer Consulting LLC was brought in to help redefine the purpose of the public website and reengineer not only a more people-friendly experience but also one that was more easily indexable by search engines for broader exposure on the Internet.

CHRISTUS Dubuis now presents a public image worthy of its calling and service to the public as a whole. The site was reengineered to adequately meet the inquiries of not only their incoming patients, but also supports their growing LTAC management services role, their internal career opportunities, and provides a platform for their community relations. Houston Computer Consulting LLC is proud to be a facilitator of such a worthy client's continued success.
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