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At Houston Computer Consulting, we pride ourselves on delivering scalable solutions to meet our clients’ technology needs. In one such instance, a client needed to securely sync their web portal database with their internal database. During the initial needs assessment, we determined that none of them provided the desired functionality. Based on the scope and timeline for this project, we chose to develop our own Database Sync utility built on top of the Microsoft Sync Framework. Simply put, the Microsoft Sync Framework enables synchronization of various types of data between a wide array of devices, which made it the perfect starting point for this effort.

Our Database Sync utility consists of a single executable than can be automated (on a scheduled basis) or run on-demand. Database connection information and the tables to be synchronized are specified in a configuration file. The utility is capable of automatically provisioning the database objects (tables, triggers, and stored procedures) necessary for tracking changes in each database between synchronizations. In cases where the utility lacks the permissions required to self-provision, a SQL script is generated and can be run by a database administrator.

After a brief setup and configuration (included with each license), a full two-way sync of your data occurs as frequently as you need it. Invoices created internally can be viewed by customers on your web site in a matter of minutes. Customer profile updates can be reflected in your internal database automatically. Items sold on your site can be deducted from your inventory system in near real-time. If you aren’t quite ready to move your data to cloud-based services such as Windows Azure, our Database Sync utility is a cost effective waypoint along that path.

Call or contact us via the form below to find out how our Database Sync utility can simplify the flow of information between your distributed databases.
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